Carl is 27 years old, married to Daisy. He has been learning and teaching about alpacas half of his life.

Carls family is a 5th generation farmers and are the alpaca pioneers in Norway. Since the first alpaca touched Norwegian ground back in 2004, Carl has been an important part of keeping new breeders educated and able to service the needs of their alpacas.

For the last 10 years Carl has been the main shearer and advisor for the Norwegian alpaca industry and is well known for his high standards and gentle handling.

Besides from being the son of an alpaca breeder, Carl spent 3 years managing and running alpaca farms in England. One of which is considered to be the most successful alpaca stud in Europe.

As an alpaca shearer Carl is well known for doing the job with the animal’s best interest in mind. He is not the typical shearer as he shears the animals from a breeder point of view. This makes it easier for the person who skirts the fleece and also reassuring for the client as any problems with an animal will be discovered.

Daisy is 28 years old married to Carl. She has had a special bond with animals since an early age. She has been working in animal rescue centers in her home country Latvia and also working on all kind on farms all around Europe.

When Daisy met the alpacas it was love at first site. Her special way of dealing with animals made Carl and Daisy the perfect alpaca shearing team.